Если вы ещё не пробовали пекинскую утку, не пробуйте. Никогда. Илье в школе велели отведать блюдо китайской кухни и написать отчёт. Задание такое домашнее. Вот он и накололся.

My Chinese food review

The food that I tasted was a Pecking duck. The meal contained duck, spring onions (cut), cut cucumbers, thin, small wraps/pancakes and a gross and over-sweetened sauce.The duck was really dry. The sauce was so gross that my mum had to force me to eat it and when I tasted it I straight away spat it out. It would’ve been better if the duck came with rice or potatoes or maybe sushi on the side at least. I waited THREE days for my dad to deliver this disgusting duck. When I tried the dish I was really irritated because it was wasting my life and precious time to do something else instead of wait to eat a dumb duck.